cat-pigeon-classYoga is a great physical practice that is calming, healing and also deeply uplifting.

 I teach yoga to assist everyone to discover yoga for strength, inner awareness and most importantly, Joy! I have been teaching yoga for health and exercise for over 15 years and have 3 certifications to teach yoga to everyone from children to pregnant mamas to stiff folks who will never touch their toes! 

Yoga is good for all people at all stages of life. It’s an incredibly healing practice and it has many different “styles” making this a personal practice for just about anyone who wants more strength, flexibility and stress relief. I offer many types of yoga classes throughout Los Angeles County.

I teach many different types of yoga but most importantly, I offer classes that are uplifting, flowing and fun. The classes I teach are:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Pre + Post-Natal 
  • Kids Yoga




I am thrilled to have you join me in class or privately at your home. 

I also offer special monthly “ESSENTIAL YOGA FUNSHOPS” so do check out the events page for special classes and workshop details/locations. I will meet you on the yoga mat with no expectations, only a desire to offer compassionate instruction and spontaneous flow.


Cat Macary


*RYT Kids Yoga     *Vinyasa Flow Yoga     *Pregnancy Yoga     *Mommy & Me Yoga     *Restorative Yoga


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