Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 3.25.23 PMFeeling GOOD ripples out to the World.

Who doesn’t want to feel GREAT today?

These 10 simple steps will get you there with ease and grace.

Have you ever had someone tell you “No pain, no gain!!!”??? I never liked this expression as I do not believe this to be accurate for me. I am a person that does not like to suffer and I defnitely do what I can to have a relaxed and pain-free life. This does not exclude the fact that I have had great pain in my life and these moments have taught me so many lessons that I will be forever grateful for. I have learned that my pain threshold has bneen very high not only physically but emotionally.

Emotional suffering is often worse than physical pain as the scars of this suffering can last a lifetime and continue to affect generations to come as we spread pain and hurt through our lineage, our friends, family and colleagues. Who hasn’t had that angry boss that can’t help but be verbally abusive or that x-spouse who is a memory of negative nonsence. Our kids suffer when we project our pain onto them and our friends prefer to break from our toxic energy when we hang in the hood of hurt too long. I personally have burned many bridges when I was in the throws of my negativity as my actions were not in integity nor were they reflecting a conscious, loving person that I truly desired to be. So I made neccessary changes and got into a much more positive state so I could resonate in a high vibration of abundance and gratitude. I have learned from so many painful situations and toxic people that today I am able to thank these experiences and bless the learnings. Here is my list to share with you of the top 10 Actions that I believe will clear anyone of the pain and suffering they are inflicting on themselves and thus on the world around them! Try a few of these action steps and do let me know after 40 days of consistent practice of these 10 steps, how your life has evolved for the better!

Change happens with consistent follow through and showing up in a state of positive affirmative action. Sh*t happens and shift happens too. WAtch your thoughts and then create positive actions to shift into a higher place of beingness, a loving place of sharing and a fun place of growth.

I believe pain is a teacher, growth is inevitable and it can be FUN! Let’s come to pain and suffering with a child’s desire to learn and enjoy the learning.

10 Actions To Feel Great when Life throws you down a Rabbit Hole of Pain & Suffering

1. Wake up + 10 take Deep Conscious Breathes:

Breathe Consciously – I used to open my eyes and instantly want to keep sleeping through the day. Waking up was my least favorite activity and sleep was a great escape from being proactive in my life. Wimping out is easy…have courage and create a practice of taking 10 deep breathes upon awakening 2.

2. Mantra Positive Affirmations:

Upon awakening, our negative mind takes over easily and goes staright to all that is wrong in the world and often we can start the day in a “bad mood” if we allow this negative Ego to control our thoughts. Reset and start the day in positive affirmative mental energy.

“I am blessed to have breathe this morning. Life is great, I am joyous and free. All is well right now.”

My favorite Mantra is “Everything is going my way.”

Repeatyour positive mental mantras until you feel inner peace and groundedness in this knowing power point energy of strength.

3. Take A Shower {Clean off the night}:

A few years back I was in a depression. Everything sucked in my mind and I didn’t care how I showed up to the world. I felt let down by everyone and everything so I stopped caring about anyone and anything. It showed. I looked tred, I didn’t smile and I lost so much weight from stress that I was down to 95 pounds. It was not a good time in my life. I was realing from an incredibly painful breakup and the relationship had destroyed my self esteem. I gave up. Thus, depression took over.

Well thank goodness for friends. In my darkest hours, I have always had an angel pull me out. My dear friend called me everyday and made me take action. When I got in the habit of talking to her daily during those dark days, she always asked “Did you shower today?? Are you still in your pyjamas, lying on the couch ???” And yes, I was. So I know for a fact that taking a shower, cleaning off those bad dreams and grunge from the night is absolutely the 3rd step to take in aupon awakening. Shake it off and get clean!

4. Look Your Best – Dress for Success

My next step in the positive action series is to “look my best”. Now this is subjective  and personal so do what feels good to you. Dress in a manner that is happy and positive. I often want to spend the day in yoga clothes and warm, fuzzy sweatpants but lord knows that’s the easy way out! Who doesn’t want to spend the day envelopped in fluufy warm goodnesss and not have to “think” about what to wear to look appealing?!! So rule #4 is show your best to the world. You don’t have to wear a bridal gown or be dressed to the nines but do make an effort to present your vibrant personality to the world with clean clothes and a happy style. I think to myself “What if today was the day I ran into that work relation that I want to do a deal with, would I wear these ratty sweatpants to meet them?” Or maybe think that today could be the day you run into your X with their new partner…would you want to be unkempt and wearing those sweaty grey work out clothes with the coffee stain on the thigh???? I know I don’t want to be caught looking half dead and in beige. Make that effort to look like someone with a personality and sense of creative expression that is uplifting and at least pleasant to look at. This is not vanity, this is an offering of good will. Nothing says happy like a fancyful outfit or a shade of flirtateous hot pink or bright yellow. Lady Gaga isn’t known for being a wallflower and Madonna does not have the best voice in music history but these ladies do entertain us with their personal style and flights of wardrobe fancy. Be creative and have fun with your look. It will take stretch your mind to be creative. And with that great look you project, good things will be attracted to you. It’s energetic.


Exercise is essential in feeling good. A couch potatoe sits on their tush sinking deepeer into stagnation and depression and non-action ensues. Be proactive physically. If your time is limited, take a 15 minute walk around the block. If you have more time, do a class, go to the gym, spend 15 minutes on the treadmill, the eleyptical, watch a video on yogaglo or Grokker. There are many free and inventive ways to move the energy of complancy. Move your butt and take a step in the direction of positive FEELING. If you have been doing the same workout, try something new. ZUmba, dance, boxing, crossfit….it’s all on-line if you don’t want to leave the house. There is no excuse to not get up and move! So DO IT!


All the times I wanted to crawl into my covers and cry all day yet had to go work or be a responsible parent out in the social school scene. The only thing that pulled me through was plastering on a smile wether I felt it or not. Fake it till you make it with a smile. Eventually, it becomes second nature and you smile because it’s your nature to be a sunny person. Smile regardless and smile even if no one else is. Spread the joy.


The most aggravating thing for me in the world is when someone tells me something that they intend to do and they don’t do it. This is such a teacher for me. The flip floppers, the people who have every intention of following through with their promise and …don’t. Please say what you mean and if you don’t mean it, don’t say it. I see every word as a committment to action. So I make a point to be truthful and say only the things that are TRUE to me such as ” I will call you at 10 tomorrow.” If I say that then I put it in my calendar with an alarm 5 minuteds before 10am so I follow through! I have a dear friend who has a huge heart who spends a lot fo energy telling people what to do – it’s in her job description, yet this same friend is a promiser that can’t be counted on to do what she said she was going to do. Now, I love her dearly and yet, I do not trust her anymore. She has let me down time and again promising things that never delivered. And many of these promises were financial deals that I really would have been thrilled to have had them realized into my bank account! What a disappointment. So rather than getting mad at my friend, I do not set myself up to do anything with her anymore without a plan B. And I am sorry to say, I don’t ask her to anything where she could flake out and dissappoint me. I am clear and I am not at the negative affect of her dysfunction. All good. So, before you promise something or say you are “going” to do something, pause. Think it through to the end and feel if it is truly what you will do. DO you truly MEAN it? If so, speak and then  plan to complete. Follow through. You will reap the benefits of being a person people count on and your reputation of being reliable and truthful will be golden. Your word will be golden and your life will be so much simpler.


even when you don’t want to. Stretch yourself to talk with a kind tone, say kind words and be polite in your manners. Yes, there are thousands of mean peolpe in the world who do stupid things and spread hurtful energy. Why contribute? Be unique. Be you. Be you on the steroids of KINDness and share loving communication. This will change your state of happiness and you will quickly see that people respond to you with kindness, joy and sometimes a shocked look because , for once,  somone is being nice to them for no reason! Again, be kind and smile. It won’t kill you but it will save someone else from wanting to kill you.

9. Show Up + Shut Up

I have to be honest, when I first heard this expression in a 12-step group, I was a quite taken aback and downright offended. How dare anyone tell me what to do and how to do it!!!Now, many years later, I get it. I truly get it on so many levels. Look around you and see, how many people blow things off without a care in the world? How many times have you made an appointment with someone and they don’t show up or they show up and they know everything? When you are an “expert” at everything , do you think your heart and mind are open to receive new information? Is your “expertise” allowing you to learn anything new or to get to see anyone else’s perspective? No. being the “expert”  is a vaccuum that sucks the life out of everyone around you leaving the surroundings flat and desolate. Kind of like that original idea scientists had that the world was flat…look how that turned out. When we show up fully and open our ears, we get to greet new situations, new horizons and different points of view with a yearning to to open, to receive in newness and eagerness. Everyone doesn’t have to be like us, that makes the world 2 dimensional and boring. If everyone was a carbon copy of our thoughts, emotions and phsyical appearance, how much fun could we have with carbon copies of our selves all day long. Showing up when we say we will and offering deep presence to others is quite unique and freeing. We don’t have to put on a show. We don’t have to BE anything in that moment. We get to receive the gift of others. We get to receive new energies and new stories as well as get to allow others to be themselves. It’s a true gift in both directions. AND you never know when you show up and listen, it might be exactly the turning point moment of your life handed to you on a silver platter. So just do it! Follow through. being present fully and open to whatever there is there at that moment is priceless. It’s kinda like being Buddha. Show up and witness. Watch, learn, appreciate, take it in and grow. Of course most people don’t want to grow that’s why they are running around, distracted by all this mindless, thoughtless drama and spewing it onto others so they can control everything. Take a break from all that. SHOW UP and just BE QUIET. LISTEN. WATCH. and GROW. It may just be that learning you needed and it just may be the breakthrough you were asking for. ANd for one moment, you get to not be the expert of anything. Take a break. Take it in.


My honey and I have a game we play at night before falling asleep. It’s the Gratitude Game. We list 5-10 things we are grateful for. It can be things that happened that made us grateful or people, places or things for which we are grateful. There is no judgement in each other’s list the intention is to value the little things and let go of the focus of what sucks in our life, especially if the day was not a top winner for best day of my life. I learned to make a gratitude list from my sponsor. When I would go on and on about all the wrongdoings of my x, my sponsor would wait till my ranting was over and give me the task of writing 100 things for which I am grateful. Then I would have to get back to her with that list. It was tough at first but eventually I came to realize why the wise master had given me this task. The breakthrough was profound. I stopped focusing on petty things, I got out of the past and I focused on the great things that were in my life at that moment. It’s pretty revealing to do this exercise of gratitude. And when you implement gratitude into your life on a celular habitual level, you can never go back to being that grumpy, ungrateful wuss you were before. It heals all wounds as a victim can never be grateful for their pain. Gratitude will show you how to heal, forgive and move on. Gratitude is the best balm for al pain. Trust me. Do the list and practice grateful being.

And there it is. My Top TEN list of Must DOs to up-cycle your life from drab to fab. It’s a commitment but I know you can do it!

Send me your breakthroughs and stories when your 40 days have completed. I wish you the most joyous time in gratitude and peace!


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