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A  little about Cat…

E-500 HR certified yoga instructor since 2003.  Essential oils Lover. Wellness Advocate using only the highest quality oils from  Doterra that are “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” Essential Oils + products . Yogini . Aum Mama-preneur . Reiki practitioner . Massage Therapist . Holistic-Living Sherpa + avid knitter.

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My belief is, no matter our stress levels, symptoms of pain and suffering, there is holistic, natural, safe and effective way back to vibrant living!

Because of my own health struggles and suffering, I devoted my life to holistic education to come back to balance and wellness in mind, body and spirit. I practice yoga, learned the healing principles and practices of the eigt limbs of yoga including: meditation, nutriton, diet, exercise and spiritual principles for healthy + abundant living.

I believe in supporting others to empower their and their family’s wellness with the same natural solutions that gave me back my health and abundace. I want  to empowering you with natural solutions for stress, overwhelm, pain, inflammation, low immune health and lack conscious living.

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I believe holistic wellness incorporates many healing modalities that are centuries old as well as ancient wisdom of different healing schools such as aromatherapy, Reiki therapy, and the 8 limbs of yoga of which the practice of poses is but one branch.

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