About Cat…


I am thrilled you chose to take a moment to learn more about all that Cat Macary Yoga has to offer.

This is the place to DIY your wellness and holistic yoga practice!

And now, a  little about Cat…

Yogini . Mama-preneur . Yoga Teacher.  Wellness Advocate with Doterra LLC . Reiki practitioner . Massage Therapist . Holistic-Living Sherpa and avid knitter!

My yoga classes and events are inspired by my love of self-inquiry and holistic self-development.

I am passionate about uplifting students with sequences focused on self-care and creative self-expression within the practice of yoga for well being and strength building.

I believe yoga is a practice of deep self-healing and self-love that is individual to the practitioner. I offer classes that allow you to develop at your own pace and comfort level without forcing anyone to do a fancy pose they are not ready nor comfortable attempting.

My yoga classes are always thoughtful geared to the level of each student and offering modifications and support for injury management and emotional or physical limitations. No two yoga classes are ever the same. I take every student that shows up into careful consideration and adapt each sequence to the students’ physical and emotional needs. 

I offer instruction and services for those wanting to discover a holistic way to practice yoga which may include chanting, meditation, creative visualization, Reiki, and aromatherapy.  

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This is YOUR yoga journey ,

 I am but your grateful, humble sherpa…








{The light in me sees and honors the light in you. }